Cats with Mustaches


Cats have long been captivating companions to humans, enchanting us with their grace and charm. Among these mesmerizing creatures, some feline breeds exhibit unique and endearing facial features that resemble mustaches. These “whiskered wonders” have captured the attention and adoration of cat lovers worldwide. In this article, we will delve into the enchanting world of cats with mustaches, exploring the breeds that possess these distinctive facial markings. Let’s unravel the mysteries behind these captivating felines.
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What Breed of Cat Has a Mustache?

Cat breeds with mustaches, also known as “mustachioed cats,” boast adorable facial markings that resemble human-like mustaches. While not all cats have these distinctive features, certain breeds are more likely to exhibit this charming trait.

1. The Maine Coon

The majestic Maine Coon, often referred to as the “gentle giant” of the cat world, is renowned for its tufted ears, bushy tail, and impressive size. Among its remarkable features, some Maine Coons sport delightful mustache-like markings around their mouths, adding to their regal appearance.

2. The Ragdoll

Ragdolls are known for their affectionate and docile nature, making them wonderful companions. These strikingly beautiful cats can also boast mustache-like markings, enhancing their already captivating looks.

3. The British Shorthair

With their round faces and plush coats, British Shorthairs exude a distinct charm. Some members of this breed possess subtle but charming mustache markings, further endearing them to their owners.

Do Cats Have Mustaches?

You might wonder if cats truly have mustaches or if it’s just a visual illusion. While cats don’t have mustaches in the traditional sense, they do possess prominent facial whiskers that are often mistaken for mustache-like markings.

Understanding Cat Whiskers

Whiskers, also known as vibrissae, are highly sensitive touch receptors found on a cat’s face, primarily above their eyes, on their cheeks, and around their mouth. These long, thick hairs play a vital role in a cat’s sensory perception, helping them navigate their surroundings and gauge distances.

The Whisker Mystique

The whisker mystique of cats with mustaches lies in the arrangement and coloration of these facial hairs. Some cats have whiskers that appear particularly thick or extend outward in a way that resembles a mustache, capturing the hearts of cat enthusiasts.

What Cat Breeds Have Manes?

In addition to mustache-like markings, some cat breeds possess impressive manes, which are luxurious, thick fur around their necks and shoulders. These manes add to their majestic appearance, reminiscent of wild big cats.

1. The Maine Coon

Once again, the Maine Coon stands out with its resemblance to wild animals. Some Maine Coons have magnificent ruffs around their necks, contributing to their regal and lion-like presence.

2. The Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat, a breed native to Northern Europe, is known for its thick, water-resistant coat and bushy tail. Some individuals within this breed display beautiful manes, enhancing their allure.

Do Tuxedo Cats Have Mustaches?

Tuxedo cats are characterized by their striking black-and-white coat pattern, resembling a formal tuxedo suit. While not all tuxedo cats have mustache-like markings, some do, further accentuating their dapper appearance.

Celebrating Feline Diversity

It’s essential to recognize that each cat is a unique individual, even within specific breeds. Some cats may display mustache-like markings, manes, or other distinctive features, while others within the same breed may not. This diversity adds to the allure and charm of our feline companions.


Q: Are mustachioed cats more prone to certain health conditions?
A: No, there is no evidence to suggest that cats with mustache-like markings are more prone to health conditions based on this specific trait. The health of a cat depends on various factors, including genetics, diet, and overall care.

Q: Can I groom my cat’s mustache-like markings?
A: It’s best to avoid grooming or trimming your cat’s whiskers, including mustache-like markings. Whiskers are essential sensory organs for cats, and cutting them can cause discomfort and disorientation.

Q: How can I care for a cat with a magnificent mane?
A: Cats with impressive manes, such as the Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest Cat, benefit from regular grooming to maintain the health and beauty of their coats. Regular brushing helps prevent matting and reduces shedding.

Q: Do all tuxedo cats have mustaches?
A: While tuxedo cats are striking in their black-and-white coat pattern, not all of them have mustache-like markings. Each cat’s facial markings are unique, even among those with the tuxedo pattern.


Cats with mustaches, whiskers, manes, and other charming features enchant us with their beauty and individuality. While specific breeds, such as the Maine Coon and Ragdoll, are more likely to exhibit mustache-like markings, it’s essential to celebrate the diversity of all cats. As cat lovers, we embrace the unique traits that make our feline companions so special, and whether they sport a mustache or not, their captivating presence enriches our lives in countless ways.
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