Space Names for Cats


Naming a new feline friend is an exciting and creative endeavor. If you’re a space enthusiast or simply love the celestial wonders above, why not draw inspiration from the cosmos and give your cat a space-themed name? In this article, we will explore space names for cats, including names inspired by the moon, unique and creative options, and whether “Orion” is a suitable name for your feline companion.
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Space Cats Names:

  1. Luna: Derived from the Latin word for the moon, “Luna” is a beautiful and elegant name for a cat with a celestial touch.
  2. Cosmo: Short for “cosmos” or the universe, this name reflects the vastness and mystery of space.
  3. Stella: Meaning “star” in Latin, “Stella” is a lovely choice for a cat with a shining personality.
  4. Nova: Inspired by a nova, a stellar explosion that briefly outshines an entire galaxy, this name suits a cat with a fiery spirit.
  5. Orbit: A playful and unique name, “Orbit” captures the idea of celestial bodies in motion.
  6. Astro: Short for “astronomy,” this name is a nod to the scientific study of celestial objects.
  7. Comet: A comet is a dazzling celestial phenomenon, making it a fitting name for an eye-catching cat.
  8. Celeste: Meaning “heavenly” in Latin, “Celeste” embodies the enchanting nature of space.

Moon Names for Cats:

The moon has a captivating allure, and names inspired by the moon can be a wonderful choice for cats:

  1. Selene: Named after the Greek goddess of the moon, “Selene” is a regal and enchanting name.
  2. Lunar: A simple and elegant name, “Lunar” directly refers to the moon.
  3. Artemis: Named after the Greek goddess of the moon and hunting, “Artemis” is a strong and independent name.
  4. Moonbeam: A whimsical and charming name, “Moonbeam” evokes the soft glow of moonlight.
  5. Crescent: Inspired by the crescent shape of the moon, this name is unique and celestial.

Unique Names for Cats:

If you’re seeking a truly unique name for your cat, consider combining space-related terms with your favorite elements:

  1. Stellara: A fusion of “Stella” (meaning star) and “ara” (constellation in Latin), creating a celestial and distinctive name.
  2. Cosmicat: A playful blend of “cosmic” and “cat,” representing the cosmic energy your feline exudes.
  3. Astraia: A combination of “Astra” (meaning star) and “Maia” (named after a star cluster), forming a celestial and elegant name.
  4. Meteoros: A fusion of “meteor” (falling star) and “os” (a suffix), resulting in a unique and dynamic name.

Is Orion a Good Name for a Cat?

Yes, “Orion” is a strong and suitable name for a cat. In Greek mythology, Orion was a mighty hunter and a prominent constellation in the night sky. The name exudes strength and bravery, making it an excellent choice for a confident and adventurous feline companion.


1. What is the space cat’s name?

The space cat’s name can vary depending on your preference and the celestial theme you choose. Some popular space cat names include Luna, Cosmo, Stella, and Nova.

2. What is the moon name for a cat?

Moon-inspired names for cats include Selene, Lunar, Artemis, Moonbeam, and Crescent.

3. What can I name my cat unique?

To give your cat a unique name, consider combining space-related terms with your favorite elements, such as Stellara, Cosmicat, Astraia, or Meteoros.

4. Is Orion a good name for a cat?

Yes, Orion is a strong and suitable name for a cat, symbolizing strength and bravery, inspired by the prominent constellation in Greek mythology.

As you embark on the delightful journey of naming your cat, let the vastness of space and the beauty of celestial bodies inspire you. Whether you choose a name directly linked to the moon, opt for a cosmic-inspired moniker, or create a truly unique fusion of space-related terms, your cat’s name will reflect their celestial charm and add an enchanting dimension to their already endearing personality.
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